Why run?

Human beings are born to run. Homo Sapiens ran for hunting, protecting and for living. Historically from the Neanderthals to Homo Sapiens and to humans, running comes naturally as part of their life . As children we all loved running, but lost our joy of running, when we stopped running as we turned old. Running really set us free when as children. But as we grew into adulthood, we lost our interest in running as we started associating it as an exercise or a work out to be fit.

Running is truly a great and relatively an inexpensive exercise to and stay fit and healthy, but there is more to running – it is the joy of freedom that you get from running.  The endorphins produced in our brain after a long run, as researchers found resulted in a feeling of satisfaction, more notably known as the “Runners’ high” among amateur marathoners. This is the bug that has runners hooked on to “running”.

If practiced well, I am sure anyone can run. However we need to condition our body to adapt to running. It is, of course difficult to wake up one day and go and run a marathon. It needs dedicated practice and training, but if done well, I am sure any one can run a marathon, whatever his age is. I completed my first marathon, considered as a landmark for any runner, in my 50s. Though I was committed runner of many half marathons it took me quite some practice and courage before I could achieve my feat.

Running is relatively an easy sport and should come naturally to humans. It is an ideal fitness exercise for people who find it difficult to make time for physical exercises. It is not a very expensive sport, however of late, practicing for running marathons is becoming expensive from buying running gears such as shoes, clothing, watches to joining running clubs, registering for marathon events etc. But comparatively it is cheaper than many other sports. Fortunately for a person who wants to pick up running it doesn’t need different skills such as that of a soccer, tennis player etc.

However before you start running, I would recommend that you consult your physician for a medical assessment, if your body is suited for running and you don’t have any ailments that could endanger you. As a runner it is very important to “listen to your body” so that you avoid injuries and continue to maintain good health as you age and enjoy your running.

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