Starting Running

First step to running is motivating yourself to run. Self- Motivation is the key to running. You may join running groups that help in motivating each other into running. But you need to have that motivation in you or it may end up just like any other New Year Resolution that fizzles off after the first few months.

Set a goal if you want to run a 5K, 10K, half marathon or a full marathon. Anyone who wants to get into Running has to learn to “Think Big but Start Small”. Goal setting is very important in running. But set goals that are doable and can be incremented. It is better to set a doable goal and over achieve than over aim and fall short.

Last Saturday I ran the Virtual United Airlines Half marathon during my holiday in Seattle. Coming off a winter slumber and running on treadmill, I started running focused on completing my 6 miles first and then stretched it to 8 miles, 10 miles and then finished it with my 13 miles for qualifying for the half marathon. This is a little trick I follow that helps me achieve my goal that prevents me getting into a “mental-fatigue” at the start of the run.

Many of my friends ask me if I am running through out the marathon? No, I am not. I walk in between depending on what my body is telling me. It is very important to “listen to your body”, especially for veteran runners like me who are constantly pushing the ageing muscles. It applies equally to a amateur runner who is starting as well as to an elite runner that it is okay to walk between running. Even Olympic runners do.

I will talk about building a running program in my next post.

A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. – Chinese proverb.

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